QuietCool QC CL-6000 House Fan – Review

Today I’m going to share my experiences with the QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan. Let me start by saying that this fan has been a game-changer for me and my family.

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Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. 5665 CFM: This fan is powerful and really moves the air, quickly cooling down our house.
  2. Reduce Cooling Costs: With the use of this whole-house fan, we have managed to save up to 50-90% off our traditional cooling methods like A/C. Goodbye high electricity bills!
  3. Durable: The quality of this fan is impressive. It feels sturdy and well-built, ensuring that it will last for a long time.
  4. Easy Installation: While it took us around 4 hours to install this fan, it wasn’t overly complicated. Even with back issues, I was able to assist my father with the installation process.
  5. Quiet Operation: One of the biggest concerns for us was the noise level, but this fan is incredibly silent. It’s like having a box fan running in a closed room, barely noticeable.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Power: While the fan does a good job of cooling our 2,400sqft house, in hindsight, I wished we had gone for a slightly more powerful model. So, consider your house size before purchasing.
  2. Humidity and Air Quality Dependencies: Depending on the weather conditions, like high humidity or poor air quality due to wildfires, the fan may not be usable. This is not a fault of the product, but more of a limitation.

Quick Verdict

This QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan has truly been a life-changer for us. It has drastically reduced our cooling costs and provided us with a comfortable living environment. The installation was manageable, and the fan operates quietly. If you’re in a similar situation and want to cool your house efficiently, I highly recommend giving this fan a try.

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Checkout QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan on Amazon and experience the benefits yourself!

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan from Amazon. Being in the USA, I decided to invest in this fan to help cool my house during the hot summer months. I was impressed with how quickly the product was delivered to my doorstep, taking just a few days.

When I opened the package, I found the following items inside:

  • Fan Unit: The main component of the QuietCool QC CL-6000, which is responsible for providing powerful airflow.
  • Ducting: This is included to help channel and direct the airflow from the fan unit to specific areas of the house.
  • Damper Box: A necessary component to regulate and control the flow of air, ensuring efficient operation of the fan.
  • Ceiling Grille: This grille serves as the outlet for the cooled air, providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Here are the specifications of the QuietCool QC CL-6000:

  • Manufacturer: QuietCool
  • Date First Available: April 9, 2018
  • Item Model Number: QC CL-6000
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


The documentation that came with the QuietCool QC CL-6000 has been incredibly helpful in understanding the product’s features and installation process. It provided clear step-by-step instructions along with illustrations, making it easy for me to set up the fan in my home. You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

Energy Efficient Cooling

The QuietCool QC CL-6000 House Fan offers an energy-efficient cooling solution for your home. With a powerful airflow of 5665 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), this fan can effectively reduce cooling costs by up to 50-90% compared to traditional cooling methods like air conditioning. By harnessing the principle of ventilation cooling, this fan brings in cooler outdoor air and exhausts hot indoor air, creating a comfortable living environment while saving on energy bills.

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Durable Construction

The QC CL-6000 is built to last. Crafted with high-quality materials, this whole house fan is designed for long-term use and can withstand regular operation without compromising its performance. The durable construction ensures that the fan operates smoothly and efficiently, providing reliable cooling for your home.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy a quiet and peaceful cooling experience with the QuietCool QC CL-6000 House Fan. Thanks to advanced engineering techniques, this fan operates quietly, allowing you to maintain a serene atmosphere in your home even while the fan is running. Say goodbye to noisy fans that disrupt your daily activities and opt for this whisper-quiet solution.

Convenient Installation

The QC CL-6000 is designed to make installation a breeze. With its user-friendly design and clear instructions, you can easily install this fan in your home without the need for professional help. The fan comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, making the installation process smooth and hassle-free. Additionally, the fan’s compact size allows for flexible placement options, ensuring it can fit seamlessly into your home’s layout.

Effective Ventilation Cooling

The QuietCool QC CL-6000 House Fan utilizes ventilation cooling to create a comfortable indoor environment. By exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, the fan improves air quality and eliminates stuffiness. This method of cooling is not only energy-efficient but also helps to reduce the reliance on air conditioning, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

Concluding Thoughts

Our Score: 91.0

I recently purchased the QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. As someone who struggles to sleep in hot and humid weather, this whole-house fan has been a lifesaver. It effectively cools down my entire house, allowing me to get a good night’s sleep.

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The installation process was relatively simple, and the fan operates quietly, which was a major concern for me. I can barely hear it running, even in close proximity to the motor. Additionally, the fan works quickly and efficiently, providing a refreshing breeze throughout the house.

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to reduce their cooling costs and improve their comfort during the hot summer months. You can find more information and purchase the QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan on Amazon.

Overall, I would give the QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan a rating of 4.6 out of 5. With a total of 689 ratings on Amazon, it is evident that many others have had positive experiences with this product as well. The fan effectively reduces cooling costs by up to 50-90% compared to traditional A/C methods, making it an energy-efficient choice. Its durability and quiet operation make it a reliable option for long-term use. If you’re in need of a whole-house fan that is both powerful and quiet, the QuietCool QC CL-6000 is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve the comfort of your home.

Remember to take into consideration the specific features and requirements of your home before purchasing a whole-house fan. Additionally, make sure to read the documentation provided by the manufacturer and watch their instructional videos to ensure a smooth installation process. Get ready to experience a cool and comfortable home with the QuietCool QC CL-6000 5665 CFM House Fan. You won’t regret it!